Elaine’s Bridge

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

Charlie dropped the hammer back into his belt. He wiped the sweat from his brow. Virginia was hot for this time of year, hotter than he thought it should be. Things should have cooled off by now; his shirt was soaked, and Charlie reminded himself that he could have worked up this kind of sweat in Alaska. Continue reading

Ms. Calburn’s Winter

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

“Tallie, shut the door. You’re letting winter in!”

Tallie set down her phone and picked up a knit blanket to drape over the woman’s legs.

“Tallie, no, I don’t need a blanket, not if you just shut the door. You are worse than my children. At least they have the sense to shut the door behind them. Good Lord, I’ll shut it myself. You are good for nothing.” Continue reading

The Final Hurricane

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

The wind surged against the house causing the screen door to bang into the frame. Julie considered getting up from the couch to latch it shut, but she had sunk so far down into the worn cushions that she just could not convince herself that it was worth it. The television gave out about half an hour ago. The only sound left was the static on the radio. Every now and then the announcer’s words could be heard over the noise, but Julie didn’t need to hear his report. She could look out of her bay window and see the hurricane’s approach. She didn’t care that she was the only one left on the island. She had heard the evacuation mandate, but paid no heed when they knocked on her door. No one would even know she was there. Continue reading