Bicycle Money

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

Peter rolled out of bed and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t know it yet as he smoothed out his cowlicked hair, but today was a day he would remember for the rest of his life. He rushed downstairs and grabbed the slice of toast with jam his mother put out for him. When she told him to remember his manners, he muffled out a “thank you” between chews. She shook her head in disapproval, but was satisfied by his attempt. She could not be displeased with him, her ambitious nine year old rushing out the door for work as a newsboy. He was proud of his job and took it more seriously than she thought a boy of his age could, but Peter was always surprising her. His brothers weren’t half as mature as Peter, her middle child. He was ambitious, but quiet. She never doubted his ability, she just wished he would sit and finish his glass of milk before charging head first into the day. Continue reading

Geometry Test

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

Isaac stared at the pages. He chewed on the eraser and hoped his mother would call him down for supper before he could start the first problem. Geometry. How could anyone survive this class? His older sister had, but she had also scored a near perfect on her SAT. Isaac resented her for that. How was he ever going to live up under that precident? His sister was going to Columbia University and Isaac was flipping through brochures for the local community college. His dad made enough money so their mother could stay home, but not enough they could go to college without a good scholarship. It was true that Isaac had had yet to take the SAT, but he was pretty sure he would not like the result. He did not even understand the first problem on the take-home geometry test. Continue reading

His Lady

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

Ireland. Louis stepped off the train. The lush green hills did little to uplift his spirits. He paused a moment to inhale their beauty, but when it failed to satisfy him, he gave his attention to retrieving his bags.

He deposited his luggage with the bellboy at the hotel and walked to the local pub that he had frequented on his last vacation. It was a quaint place, with a limited menu, but that suited him. He did not need options right now, only something to fill his stomach. Continue reading