The Semester I Failed at College

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

My brother Charlie was ugly. Now I hate to say it because it sounds so mean, but you just have to own up to the way a person looks sometimes. He wasn’t born ugly, he chose it. Okay, well, he didn’t choose it, but he chose to become a boxer. One broken nose can make a guy look distinguished, but repeated breaks on top of busted lips and black eyes has a way of ruining anyone’s looks. Charlie didn’t mind though. Charlie loved boxing.

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Book Cover Design By Kody Kratzer

Novel Jamie Morgan is set to be published June 2016!

This story is about the non-heroic lives of Jamie Morgan and Josh Harrison. They aren’t the monstrous gunslingers from the Wild West era, but watch them strap their gunbelts low and cinch their horses’ saddles on tight to fight lawlessness in unconventional ways.