Low Life Houseplants

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

Brittany picked up the aloe vera plant from the window sill. The plant was vigorous and healthy. It was the epitome of a plant cared for by a botanist. Brittany took the plant from it’s favored microclimate by the south bay window and took it out into the harsh March wind on the back porch. She carried the pot to the corner where she had taken the others. She would not like to admit that she gave the plant a sorrowful look and let a sigh escape her lips before she turned the pot upside down and shook it until the contents loosened from the plaster clay mold and dropped mercilessly into the trash can. The plant and soil spattered in a glob with the others that had gone before.


Courtney Boose, artist

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Foreign Affairs

This week’s Tuesday Tale :

Jeremy Wilcox never had reason to doubt his hearing, but after all the firefights he had lived through over here for this unending, ungodly war, he thought that maybe he could not rely on his ears as well as he once did. The war had taken its toll on Wilcox same as any other foot soldier. He only hoped he would make it home without a flag over his chest. From the looks of it, he might be getting his wish. Yesterday Wilcox’s regiment was given papers to return home. He didn’t have a clue whether that meant the war was over, even though that’s what the papers said. It was hard to believe the dirty thing had ended because he hadn’t seen the enemy go down. He had killed many a soldier, but who’s to say the enemy was defeated? Wilcox didn’t concern himself with politics except when he was drunk and in a foul humor, then he became a real lobbyist. He was sober now, at least he was pretty sure he was.

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You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

“Edgar, don’t kick him, poor creature.”

Edgar Randall grunted. He did not like this dog. Maybe he was an old man set in his ways, but it was a dumb dog. The animal was always underfoot and Edgar was getting suspicious the dog was out to trip him up.  He kicked the dog again when his sister wasn’t looking.  
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O Christmas Tree

This week’s Tuesday Tale:

“Jed, did you take it down?”

Jed munched on a mouth full of potato chips. The bag rested against his belly and his bottle of beer sat to his right. When commercials interrupted the game, he tried to remember what his wife had shouted at him. They had only been married a few years and he still thought it polite to try to listen. His dad told him to give it up, but he liked her well enough, that is, he disliked her being angry enough not to intentionally spite her. He dug another handful of chips out of the bag. The greasy chips crumbled between his teeth. Nope, he could not recall what she said. Something about… but that was even more than he could make up.
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Tuesday Tales to resume in new year

Folks, Tuesday Tales will be taking a two week intermission to celebrate Christmas and bring in the new year.

Here’s an update on larger writing projects:

My novel Jamie Morgan is with the editor for finalization. My book cover design artist, Bethany Jagielko is working diligently on the perfect artwork for this soon-to-be published book.

My novel Irene has just finished author edits and patiently awaits the editor.

With 5,000 words, my novel The Violin Boy has just started taking on shape.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!