This world is a story and we are the characters. Each one of us is part of the great story – the masterpiece of manuscripts. It doesn’t get better than this. And what’s the premise of it? Redemption. Why didn’t God just wipe the slate clean when Adam and Eve messed up? Redemption. He wanted to save us, to redeem us from ourselves, from evil and from the mess we made. He had to because He loves us. If He had erased the Etch A Sketch, He wouldn’t have loved us. We are in the greatest love story there is.

I want to piece together stories, to show in part what a complete story of redemption looks like so that we as characters in the Greatest Story of Redemption won’t grow weary in well doing and can understand just what we are caught up in. There are endless examples of redemption to explore in a world that is in need of so much love and grace.



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