Is it possible? Everyone always asks that question. Is it possible? It is as though the human brain wants to seek the limits of its ability or an excuse not to attempt. Fear and courage are the poles of the human soul. So is it possible? Is whatever you are facing possible? Is it possible for you to get through this situation? Is it possible for you to achieve your dreams? Is it possible for you to have your hearts desire? But the real question is why are you asking? Why are to wasting time asking? You are afraid of failure. You are afraid of defeat. You, my friend, are afraid of wasting time, wasting your life… looking foolish. But what if? That’s what keeps you wondering. That’s what stops you from giving up. You might be dabbling in it, not really committing, but at least you haven’t given up. As long as there is hope, there is life.

So if  the question “what if?” plagues you: Welcome, you have entered the first door to the ground floor of your dreams. There are three options available to you now, four if you decide to drop the question and walk out. There is an elevator, it can provide the straightest, fastest way to the top. It’s not a sure thing. You might get delayed on a middle floor, maybe every floor between here and the top. You could get lost on one of those floors, sorry, but it could happen. The second option is the stairs. They are slower than the elevator, they require more labor, but they will still take you to the top. The third option is present on every floor, it’s called the couch. It’s a comfy couch, beautiful and inviting. You can sit there and relax, knowing that you are on your way to achieving your dreams because aren’t they just an elevator ride away? All you have to do is get up, walk to the elevator, press a few buttons and wham! you have achieved your greatest dream! You will sit down in that couch and be so pleased with yourself. You’ve earned it, you should enjoy it, so why not? But the reality will set in as you sink deeper into those cushions. You aren’t achieving anything, you are only living off the glory of old victories. You haven’t done anything great and quickly you will feel guilty for sitting like a king on that couch. You might even walk out the door and leave. The couch is a dangerous place.

Is it possible? What if it is? Are you going to worry about looking foolish? Or are you going to chase your dreams with complete abandon? Failures are pit stops on the way to success. You have to stop at them to refuel and change your tires, maybe even make a few adjustments, but if you never pull out of the pit stop, then you’ll never achieve the success you were seeking. You ask: but what if I fail? Oh, I say, but what if you win?


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