The tender moment when souls reunite, the sweetness of friendships realigned… these are the thoughts of my heart. Distance of time and space can never truly separate friends. Life takes us different directions and maybe these absences are even good for the making of each person into themselves. Though there is something truly special about a friend in the ditches with you, the friend that stands by your side and helps you through the struggle, is indeed a friend to be counted among your precious treasures, but these are one in a million. Most times friends come and go with the ebbs of life, they are never gone for good, nor are they a constant beacon. These people are always in your heart and when the changes of life permit such reunion, you rejoice and and soak up the sweetness of the moment. You share the past and tell your hopes for the future… and you try to stay in touch. Sometimes it works better than others. 

My sisters, twins, have been apart for a long time – the longest of their lives – and they are back together. The laughter I hear over the phone when I talk with them is the joyful delight of life in its fullest form. Their lives are moving forward and soon the time will come when they must part ways once again, but oh, the joy of the next reunion and all the new stories and experiences they will have to share! 

The more friends one has, the more one’s life is multiplied. 


2 thoughts on “6.26.2014

  1. Wow! You have such a gift with words my beautiful sister. Thank you. I will cherish your words and the way you so beautiful articulated the twinship Maria and I share.

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