Jamie Morgan is in its first stage of professional edits. Handing over a manuscript with the full permission for editing and rewrites is very similar to putting your children on a train to boarding school. One can only stand on the platform and watch the engine chug out of the station and wonder what change will occur in them while they are gone. Just as that mother, I know change will happen, but I hold on to the hope that I have raised my characters up in a manner of integrity and honor such that they will stand firm in that which defines them. 

There is also a relief in knowing that though life is putting my 3rd edit on the back burner momentarily that someone else is working and moving my book forward in the final stages before submission to a publisher. This book stands on truth. It stands on people, purpose and the depth of the human soul. There are moments that are meant to provoke pain and cause you sorrow and there are moments of honor that will lift your own chin up a little with confidence. Relationships are the glue to life. They hold it together, making anything worth enduring. To know someone, to understand the depth of their depravity and the height of their genius, while choosing to love them as though they are exactly the way they wish they were, is love. Human love is not the goal in life, but merely the best companion as one pursue one’s purpose. Love is the best weapon, the best motivation and the best source of courage. There is not a doubt that Josh loves Jamie. 


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