Jamie Morgan is coming along in its 3rd edit and I will soon be announcing the publisher. For the moment I have decided against self-publishing though I will be submitting to small house publishers and not the big scary ones in New York, NY. One day you will see my name with Harper Collins, but they don’t even know I exist yet. So for now I will find someone who cares about my vision and is ready to run the race with me. This first book is entirely special to me and I am joyful that you will be experiencing it soon. These characters are imperfect. They have more flaws than virtues, but they fight through and when they can no longer fight they stand. It’s an old truth that is still so true today. It brings honor and it makes a person respectable. A good man will always stand in the face of adversity even after he can no longer fight. He will stand in spirit against the evil. He will not bow under the weight of its force. A good man will live by a moral compass. Although he is a human being and will falter a time or two and make the wrong decisions, the good man will return to true north and continue the good path. 


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