Today I am starting a new book. My friend Lauren and I are hosting a 30,000 word challenge. It’s not really a challenge as in a competition because my dear friend does not like to compete with me so it’s simply just a self-challenge to write a book in the month of May. In approximately 1000 words per day and 31 days later I will have a new book in raw form. 

Jamie Morgan is nearing the end of her second edit and I will continue both the 2nd and 3rd edits throughout this month. It should be in the hands of my first editor in two weeks. I think my new trajectory for publication will be August with my second book coming out in October. Attempting, failing, adjusting and attempting again are the key puzzle pieces to success. Looking back on my first edit, I hope I will never write a book again that will require that much editing. Even this second edit seems to be over the top. With better plot organization I do believe I will be more proficient at writing the first draft. Though I think it was Hemingway who said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” Well, Mr. Hemingway, I’ll take those words into consideration and get back to you in a few years with a few books under my belt, but I sure hope you are wrong. 

For my May Book Challenge, which anyone of you are welcome to join, simple post a comment or send me a message so you can stay in the loop. As of Day 1 I do not have a single topic, theme or character that I can begin this story. On top of that, I will not have my flash drive until this afternoon so this morning will be spent plotting, scheming and planing my third book. I feel unprepared for starting this book, but moving forward and taking action when you don’t “feel like it” is another key to success. There are only two things you can control: your actions and your attitude. So for the record I’m writing 1000 words today on my new book and I’m so excited about taking that action today!


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