A little update on the writing process for Jamie Morgan:

I’m doing way more edits than I thought! This is to be expected as I have never ventured writing a 300+ page novel before and expected the process to define itself more than I defined it.

I am at the tail end of my second edit (mostly plot work and getting the storyline seamless) and have started on my third (and hopefully) final edit. Yay! The third edit is proving to be way more enjoyable than the first two revisions, which felt like pure labor. My writing muscles are sore from the effort and weary to finish the last little bit.

In my second edit, I have found I killed a horse in two separate scenes and have changed people’s names and allegiances around so much in an entire blockage of chapters that I got confused. Never fear, I have worked it out, but those flaws did shake me up a little. The feeling of it coming to together and making coherent sense is completely rewarding though and in reflection makes the pain enjoyable.

For the third edit, I discovered the most valuable tool. I let the computer read back my work to me and listen to all the errors that sound so obvious when you hear it but not so much when you read it over again for the tenth time. This is a handy tool.



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