Editing continues on Jamie Morgan:

The repairs are underway. I have patched the big holes like DOT (asphalt over concrete), so there is still plenty of work to be done before you can drive a Ferrari over it without damaging something. The end is in sight. I do believe I will edit once through one more time before I hand it off to my editors. They will have their  work cut out for them I am sure.

The other day I was presented with the opportunity to participate in Camp Nanowrimo April. I created my log in and began the profile and novel information when wisdom popped in. My first responsibility is to finish the edit on Jamie Morgan before I can devote time, effort and energy on a third novel. I do have plans to write two novels this year, but it must happen after I push Jamie Morgan through the editing process. If you don’t know where you are going, you will get distracted by everything, big or small. I know where I am going and I will stay the course. You set goals. If you miss a goal, the No. 1 thing you must do next is to reset the goal. Missing a goal is not failure, it is merely a step in the process of success. Missing a goal and giving up is failure. Basically, missing goals is not failure. It is what you do after you miss that goal that determines the outcome. Do you get back up or do you give up? That’s the difference between successful people and failure.  


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