I sliced my book in half. Jamie Morgan is now in repairs. I removed the middle-to-the-end plot out and will be sticking something similar into the end-of-the-beginning. The current plot line appears to be in shambles, but I promise myself it is for the betterment of the whole story. With my first edit deadline only one week away, I’m weary and discouraged. I took out thirty 8×11 pages. That’s almost fifty pages of a standard size book! If it’s a 300 page novel, that’s 1/4 of the story gone! Okay… it is not healthy to dwell on those figures. Those pages will be replaced with the best writing and most dazzling story-line. I am spurred on by my desire for you to meet Josh and Jamie. They are complete with all human capacities: fear, doubt, unbelief, as well, as loyalty, love and courage. 

My other hang up, which I’m trying not to be distracted by, is cover design. I have read a thousand times how important cover art is. I met a new friend in the book section at target and I was reminded again that no matter how much we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover we as readers will always do just that. A book with a poor cover design is a turn off. Here you have a writer, an artist to an extent, who we readers hope has taste, good taste. We also assume that the writer not only has good taste in writing style but in all other artistic aspects, including art. This is a reasonable assumption so I am working on getting the perfect cover designed.

Please feel free to comment about your preferences regarding cover design. What do you like? What makes you pick up a book on the shelf or click on the link online? Do you like people’s faces? Nature scenes? Animals? Dark or light? I appreciate your help!



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