Jamie Morgan: character naming

Picking names is a delicate process. A helpful resource for animal names is wildflower listings. There are some amazing names to be gleaned from those fields. As for human names, those are a bit more difficult and require agonizing nights, tossing names off ceilings and walls until something sticks. Jamie Morgan’s name was a sheer blessing. I do believe that one fell from the sky and landed in my lap. Josh Harrison was an adaptation of common names. His name evolved, but will stand the test. Both names have a common ring to them, which I love. They are common people roaming the west badlands, but they are strong names that can live up to these two heros. 

Then there are the names that I become attached to though they are oh so cheesy and must be changed before the book is published. I am working through one of those right now. Josh’s horse is a beautiful dark dapple gray with ivory mane. She’s a wild filly when he first finds her and the two become inseparable partners. Through blizzard and desert they run and roam and there was never a surer foot nor faithful companion than that little girl. Oh, but alas, how shall I name that sweetheart, that brave warrior?


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