Jamie Morgan: character Josh Harrison

Soul searching and the stages of manhood.

Josh Harrison begins as a drifter in the novel Jamie Morgan. He is searching for himself. The wild allures him and he roams the lands of the West on the back of his sure-footed horse.

They run through the open range and blaze through the mountain trails searching for the answer that calls his name.

He runs to get away from its persistent call as much as he runs to find it. He runs so hard that it eventually knocks him on the head hard enough to knock him out. He wakes in the valley nestled between the mountain range where only tranquillity is there to mend his soul.

From this valley a new man emerges. Josh Harrison takes on the Wild West with a determination unmatched. He is out to rid the west of her thieves and murders. He is out to conquer the wildest part of the west: the wild ruthless men who are running rampant and tearing her open.

Without a lawman’s star pinned to his shirt or a reputation to his name, he straps his gun on his hip too high for a gunslinger and too low to be a US Marshal. He climbs on the back of his dapple gray to become the vigilante of his time.


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